more leaders display a firm-first approach and firmly believe that great teams outdo groups of great Individuals any day. They drive cross- functional collaboration encouraging constant introspection and conflict resolution.


more leaders display curiosity, encourage experimentation and exemplify innovative thinking in creating better and disruptive customer solutions that are sustainable and environmentally safe.


more leaders pursue highest standards of objectivity, honesty and transparency. They create a trusting environment where everyone speaks up their mind resulting in everyone committing to the best idea. They always do the right thing even when no one is looking.

Growing Talent

more leaders identify, attract, nurture, promote and retain the very best of talent. They gauge their own success basis the talent they have groomed and built. More leaders create a culture of meritocracy and accelerated leadership development.

Customer Obsession

more leaders understand customer’s evolving needs and aspirations, obsess 24X7 on improving customer’s experience, and vigorously advocate their needs within the organization.


more leaders simplify things, are effective and hence achieve lowest cost per unit in most activities, and repeatedly deliver more with less.


more leaders think audaciously and possess unusual resilience. They learn and improve from setbacks and failures and keep going while rallying everyone in the team until the goal is accomplished. They combine sharp analysis & sound judgement and value speed in decision making with calculated risks.