Frequently Asked Questions

What is more+ Loyalty program?

More+ Loyalty program is a loyalty program that provides cashback and additional rewards to its Members. Customers who cumulatively spend more than specified amounts in a calendar month from select locations will be given more+ points as a reward along with additional rewards on reaching milestones.

What are the cashbacks for the program?

Depending on the cumulative spend of the customers,excluding spends using More+ points, cashbacks will be awarded in the form of more+ Points which will be a percentage of the value of the purchase bill.

Tier Min Monthly Spend above % cashback in the form of morePoints  
moreSilver Rs.500/- 2.5% of all spend amount between Rs.0 and Rs.3000 Based on rewards marketed at the given time
moreGold Rs.3000/- 3.3%of all spend amount between Rs.3000/- and Rs.6000/-
morePlatinum Rs.6000/- 5% of all spend amount above Rs.6000/-

If a customer does Rs.3500 worth of monthly spend, the customer will get 3000*0.025 + 500*0.033 =91.5 more+ points

What is the more+ Diamond program?

○ Customers can subscribe to the more+ Diamond membership to avail 5% cashback in the form of more+ points on every transaction for a time period of 1 year from the date subscription

Cost: Rs.199/yr

○ More+ Points of the customer will not expire till more+ Diamond subscription is valid,post which all more+ points of the customer will expire as and when no more+ points get credited in the preceding 90 days

○ Customers will receive all rewards of given against the more+ Silver, more+ Gold and more+ Platinum tier every month till the subscription is valid

○ Customers will receive coupons worth Rs.15000 via Paytm First Membership

I have enrolled to the more+ Diamond program, how do I activate my Paytm First Membership

○ Upon enrolling to the more+ Diamond program, an sms containing the Paytm First Activation code and activation link will be sent

What is the validity of the Paytm First Membership that I will receive on more+ Diamond Enrolment

○ Upon activation of the Paytm First Membership, the Paytm First Membership will need to be active for one month i.e the customers will need to use the brand coupons in the next one months time

How to subscribe to the more+ Diamond program?

○ Customer can subscribe to the more+ Diamond in More Retail stores or through the More App by paying the yearly subscription fee of Rs.199/-

Will I be given more+ points against all spends?

○ More+ points will be disbursed based on spends in select stores where the More+ program is advertised

○ more+ points will not be giving against spends on alcoholic beverages, baby food, cigarettes, More wallet recharges and More+ Diamond Subscriptions, and spends using more+ points

Can I use more+ points to purchase any item?

○ more+ points cannot used to purchase alcoholic beverages, baby food items, cigarettes, More wallet recharges and More+ Diamond Subscriptions

What payment methods are accepted for subscribing to the more+ Diamond program?

○ All regular payment methods except Sodexo, More Wallet money and more+ points can be used for more+ Diamond subscription

What happens to my more+ points if I return an item that I purchased using my more+ points?

○ On returning any product, the value of the product will be credited to the More Wallet

When will the more+ points reflect in my more+ points wallet ?

○ more+ Points will reflect in the customers more+ points wallet within 24 hours after the transaction, provided the customer is eligible to get any more+ points.

What is the maximum more+ points that a Customer can get in a calendar month?

○ A Customer can get a maximum of 2500 more+ points per calendar month

Are more+ points only a one-time benefit or will I get it every month?

○ Customers will get more+ points every month depending on their spend in that calendar month

Can I redeem all my more+ points all in one go?

○ No, customers can redeem or use their points for making purchases against a maximum of 50% of the total bill value, once a day

How to redeem my more+ points?

○ more+ points can be redeemed at the cash counter by providing a code from the More App

What are the benefits of the More+ program?

○ more+ points

○ Rewards on reaching certain milestones

What are the rewards on reaching particular milestones?

○ Rewards on reaching a particular milestones will be communicated by More Retail from time to time. The rewards are subject to change.

Is there a cost to join the More+ Loyalty program?

○ No there is no separate cost but Customers will need to cumulatively spend certain amounts in a calender month to become More+ Loyalty members. Customers can also choose to subscribe to more+ Diamond program by paying a yearly fee.

What if I forget to give my phone number for a certain transaction?

○ Cumulative spends will only be considered for the times your mobile number is provided. Customers cannot register their mobile number after a transaction has taken place

What are the redemption options for my more+ Points balance?

○ The more+ points can be used for subsequent purchases at any offline More retail store in India.

Will my more+ points Wallet balance expire?

○ All more+ points will expire in 90 days if no additional points have been credited to the customer in the preceding 3 months. If the customer is a more+ Diamond member, more+ points will not expire till the subscription is valid.

Can I transfer my More+ program account to someone else?

○ No, more+ points available via More+ Loyalty program in the more+ points Wallet of the Customer is non-transferable and non- sharable

How do I check my wallet balance ?

○ Members can check their Wallet balance by typing ‘Hi’ on the Official Whatsapp Handle of the more+ program i.e. +918657764205

○ Customers can check their Wallet balance on the More App

○ Customers can know their Wallet balance by asking the cashier at the POS counterxt

Are there any restrictions on using my more+ points balance?

○ more+ points cannot be used against spends on alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, baby food items, More Wallet recharges and more+ Diamond subscription. More Retail will have sole discretion in deciding the products which cannot be purchased using the more+ points.

What happens if I don’t have my More+ program mobile number with me at the time of redemption?

○ For security purposes you will not be able to access your more+ points Wallet or redeem the amount for your purchase at any More outlet unless a code is provided via the more app

Where can I see the Terms and Conditions of the program

○ Terms and conditions of the program will be updated from time to time on

What to do if my more+ points are not credited or I am not able to redeem your more points?

○ Please email your concerns to with relevant details and our team will look into it within 48-72 working hours

I want to withdraw my more+ points in the form of cash. How can I do it?

○ Customers cannot withdraw more+ points in the form of cash. The more+ points have to be used in a More Retail outlet before expiry

Will I get a physical/digital invoice for the amount loaded in the wallet?

○ The Member will get confirmation through an SMS and on whatsapp.

Are the prices/offer same as in the store?

Yes. The product prices are uniform with in-store prices. Some offers/ bundle pack offers may vary subject to availability, however we continuously endeavor to offer a uniform customer experience across channels.

Where can I find currently running offers/ promotions?

Wherever applicable, discounts on MRP are already reflected in individual products. You can also see the offers flashed as banners on our Web App. We are also working to bring additional features and will be available to you soon. You can also contact our customer service for any additional information.

I have got a offer code on SMS or physical coupon from store can I use it when I place order on WhatsApp?

The coupons are currently redeemable only in our physical stores. Online offers are seperate and will be present on the webapp/catalogue You can also contact our customer service for any additional information.

How can I pay for the order?

You can pay for your order via following modes: a. Cash on delivery b. Credit and debit cards (VISA / Mastercard) c. Paytm and PhonePe

What is the meaning of cash on delivery?

Cash on delivery means you can pay for your order when it arrives at your house.

Can I pay by Sodexo/UPI/Cash?

Yes, Cash on Delivery and UPI payments via Paytm and PhonePe are acceptable modes. Currently we do not support Sodexo payments for home delivery. We are working on it and Sodexo payments will soon be acceptable.

Are there any other charges or taxes in addition to the price shown? Is GST added to the invoice?

The catalogue prices are inclusive of all taxes. The prices displayed on our product pages are the prices you will be charged. Delivery charge of Rs. 30 will be levied in case order value < Rs. 500. You will be able to see the final bill summary at the time of checkout.

I placed the order and chose an online payment mode but I have not got the link to make the payment yet

When selecting online mode of payment, payment link will be received within 30 minutes of placing the order. Kindly contact our customer service team, if the link is not received after above time limit.

Do I need to share card number/ PIN number while ordering?

Please note that our customer service team will never ask you to share information other than your phone number, Email Id & Name. If you get any message, call, or Email to share your PIN, Account details, Card number etc., please do not share it.

If you do not deliver within the chosen slot how do you compensate me?

We do not currently compensate for late deliveries. We make every effort to keep our delivery promises, and only in exceptional circumstances delivery will be postponed and you will be informed about the delay.

Can I return products which I ordered?

We have a "no questions asked return and refund policy" that allows all of our members to return a product at the time of delivery if they are unhappy with the quality or freshness for any reason. We will accept the returned product and process refunds within 7 days. For CoD orders, you will not pay for the returned products.
Return Policy - Time Limits:
1. Perishable goods (Quality Issue): On-spot return
2. Other goods : Returns will be accepted till 14 days from the delivery date when you visit our store with the bill.

If I pay by card how do I get the amount back for items not delivered?

Your refund would be processed as per the RBI Mandate, your refund will be processed, and you will receive the funds in your card or associated bank account.

I ordered on WhatsApp, I returned two items since they were ordered by mistake, I haven't got the refund yet.

For online payment mode - You will be issued a refund within 7 working days. If the refund still hasn't been processed, kindly contact our customer service number.

I ordered 10kg pack but I got 5kg packet - How can I get refund for the balance?

A smaller SKU may have been provided due to unavailability. For CoD order, you will only pay for the products that you receive. In case of online payment, refund will be processed within 7 working days.

How do I contact customer service?

Our customer service team is available from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm – (Mon-Sun) They can be reached at +91 8108138000 or via email at A smaller SKU may have been provided due to unavailability. For CoD order, you will only pay for the products that you receive. In case of online payment, refund will be processed within 7 working days.

How can I provide feedback?

Our customer service team is always working to have the best possible shopping experience for all of our customers. We'd be interested in hearing about your experience. If you have any feedback, please email us at contactus@moreretail.inor call our customer service number.

How do I raise a claim for any of the Guarantees - Delivery Guarantee, Quality Guarantee - with customer service?

If you have a problem with the price, quality, or delivery of your goods, we will do everything possible to resolve the problem and make it right. Please contact our customer service team with information about your order and the problem you encountered.

Is contactless delivery available at MORE ?

Yes. You can contact our assigned store manager/delivery executive and provide an instruction to leave the order at your doorstep. This is not applicable for CoD orders.

How do you check on health of your delivery staff?

We take utmost care of all our delivery partners in order to provide you a hassle free and safe experience. Every day, we perform a mandatory personnel screening using infrared contactless thermometers. Our delivery partners are taught to practice good hygiene and to change their face masks on a regular basis.